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June Arline Arnts-Terrell
Powell Descendant Number: 1.3.1
June's other known pedigrees:
Mother's Side: Powell, Swartwood, DeGrout.
Father's Side: Arnts.


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The Biography of June Arline Arnts-Terrill
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated May 2012

BORN June was born on Thursday April 20, 1911 in Erie, Pa..Children born in the early 20th century were usually born at home.
DIED June passed away on Monday April 18, 1988 of a sudden heart attack at home in Venango, Pa, June was 76 years old.
CEMETERY June was buried next to her husband Clyde Terrill in the Terrill family plot in Venango Cemetery in Venango, Pa.
FORMER ADDRESSES June use to live at Erie Street, Box 62, Venango, Pa. 16440 and 2816 Wayne St. Erie, Pa.
FATHER Raymond Arnts 1883-1955
MOTHER Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts 1883-1953
SIBLINGS None, June was a only child.
SPOUSE Thomas Edison Gillespie 1906-1971; Clyde Oakley Terrill 1913-1997.
CHILDREN Joyce Powell Gillespie-Scheffer 1933-2014
POLITICAL HISTORY Unknown. Women were not allowed to vote until 1920. June was born when William H. Taft was in office and died during Ronald Ragan’s administration.

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The Descendents of William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood

June Arline Arnts-Terrill's Branch
Powell Descendant Number: 1.3.1

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011

Mother of June
Maude Pearl Lucy Powell

Father of June
Raymond Arnts
Father of Thomas
Unknown Gillespie
Unknown Dates
Mother of Thomas
Unknown Maiden Name
Unknown Dates

June Arline Arnts
April 20, 1911 - April 18, 1988

Thomas Edison Gillespie

Joyce Powell Gillespie-Scheffer
October 19, 1933 - January 05, 2014
Had Children

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Images of June Arline Arnts-Terrill

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated Aug. 2011


Powell Family Photo
Uncle's: Lee William Powell and Charles Henry Powell, Mother Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts,
June Arline Arnts-Terrill and Daughter: Joyce Powell Gillespie.
Photo taken in October 17, 1941 in Erie, Pa.

Clyde and his Rabbits
June's Husband Clyde Oakley Terrill in his Rabbitry on Erie Street in Venango, Pa.
Photo was taken sometime in the 1960's

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June Arline Arnts-Terrill's Time Line

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011


National and International Time Lines

June's Time Line


1910 King Edward the seventh dies, King George the fifth’s reign begins. Hailey’s Comet returns Mark Twain dies. 1912: HMS Titanic Sinks; Continental Drift Theory. 1913: Woodrow Wilson becomes President; U.S. Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act established. 1914: Austrian Archduke assassinated World War One begins in Europe; Panama Canal opens; 1917: U.S. enters WW One. 1918 WW One Ends. 1919: Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations is created. 1919: Prohibition begin in U.S.

June's Aunt Anna Elizabeth Powell is born in 1910 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd Swartwood Powell and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell; June Arlene Arnts is born in 1911 in Bradford, Pa. to Raymond Arnts and Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts; June's second husband Clyde Oakley Terrill is born in 1913 in Molsertown, Pa. to Andres and Eva Terrill; June's cousin William Stormont Powell is born in 1913 to Lee William Powell and Anna May Stormont-Powell; June's Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell Dies on Friday around 6pm on January 15, 1915 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford, Pa. Her funeral is held in her eldest son Lloyd's home in Dagola, Pa. Mary was buried Sunday January 17. 1915 next to her husband in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bradford, Pa. June's cousin Jean Harriett Powell is born in 1916 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Powell.


1920: First Radio Broadcast airs. 1921: Warren G. Harding becomes President; 19th Amendment giving Woman right to vote; U.S. Federal Highway Act. 1922: Lenin becomes leader of USSR; 1923: Harding dies Calvin Coolidge becomes President. 1924: Lenin dies Stalin becomes leader of USSR. 1925: Scopes Monkey Trial; F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes the Great Gatsby. 1926: Kellogg-Briand Pact; Ernest Hemingway publishes the Sun Also Rises. 1927: Theory of Big Bang; Charles Lindbergh completes first solo flight across the Atlantic; Babe Ruth hits 60th home run for New York Yankees. 1929: Herbert Hoover becomes President; William Faulkner publishes “The Sound and the Fury”; U.S. Stock Market Crashes on Black Tuesday October 29th. The Great Depression begins.

June's Uncle John Henry Powell is born in 1920 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd Swartwood Powell and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell; June's cousin James Lee Powell is born in 1924 in Windsor Ontario, Canada to Lee William Powell and Anna May Stormont-Powell; June's future son-in-law Earl Milton Scheffer is born in1926 in Erie, Pa. to George Scheffer and Lulu Marie Miller.


1933: Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes President; FDR begins fireside chats on radio. Begins New Deal; Unemployment Relief Acts begins; Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany. 1935: Social Security Act. 1936: Margaret Mitchell publishes Gone With the Wind; Spanish Civil War begins; Benito Mussolini of Italy allies with Hitler; King George the fifth dies, King Edward the eight’s reign begins; King Edward the eight abdicates, King George the sixth’s reign begins; 1939: John Steinbeck publishes Grapes of wrath; Germany invades Poland World War Two begins.

Joyce Powell Gillespie is born in 1933 in Erie, Pa. to Thomas Edison Gillespie and June Arline Arnts.


1940: Battle of Britain begins; USSR invades Finland; Roosevelt elected to 3ed term.1941: Bombing of Pearl Harbor, America enters the war; 1942: Bataan Death March; Battle of Midway; Internment of Japanese Americans; Manhattan Project. 1943: DNA discovered. 1944: D-Day June 6th. Battle of the Bulge. 1945: H.G. Wells dies; President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies, Harry S. Truman becomes the President; Hitler commits suicide. VE-Day May 8th. Atomic Bombs are dropped on Japan, VJ-Day Aug.15th.  World War Two ends; United Nations Established. 1947: Truman Plan and Marshall Doctrine; 1948: U.S. Military Draft reinstated, military desegregated; 1949: NATO established. China becomes Communist.

June's Uncle Charles Henry Powell dies in 1941 from an auto accident in Flint, Mich. Charles’s body was brought back to Bradford, Pa. were he was buried next to his parents in the Powell family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery. June's Uncle John Henry Powell dies from an epileptic seizure at home, 70 Rocklin Av. in Bradford, Pa. on August 25, 1943. John was buried on August 27, 1943 in Willowdale Cemetery in Bradford, Pa. June's Aunt Jean Harriett Powell Marries Francis Lederman in 1944 in Buffalo, NY. June's cousin James Lee Powell is killed in a military boomer plane crash in Yorkshire, England during WW2; June's Uncle Lee William Powell dies of cancer in 1948 in Cincinnati, OH. June's Uncle Lloyd Swartwood Powell dies on August 08, 1948 in Bradford, Pa.


1950: Korean War begins; McCarthy-ism. 1952: Hydrogen Bomb; King George the sixth dies, Queen Elizabeth the second’s reign begins; 1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes President; 1954: Brown v Board of Education; 1955: Albert Einstein dies; Elvis Presley’s star rises; Desegregation of schools by U.S. Supreme Court; 1957: Sputnik orbits earth. 1958 NASA founded. Vietnam Conflict grows; 1959: Alaska and Hawaii become States.

June's cousin Lawton Edward Kaake Jr. dies in a auto accident on August 28, 1951; June's Mother Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts dies in 1953 in Erie, Pa.; June's Father Raymond Arnts dies in 1955 in Erie, Pa.

1960's 1960: First televised Presidential debates Kennedy/Nixon. 1961: John F. Kennedy becomes President; Bay of Pigs; Berlin Wall built. 1962: Cuban Missile Crisis. 1963: ML King’s March on Washington, “I have a dream speech”; President Kennedy is assassinated, Linden B. Johnson becomes President; Plate Tectonics. 1964: Beatles star rises; Big Bang proven. 1965: Medicare Begins in U.S. Malcolm X Assassinated. 1966: Nat. Org. of Woman founded (NOW). 1967: Race riots in U.S. “Long Hot Summer” 1968: Tet Offensive Vietnam; Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated, Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King is assassinated, Vietnam War protests, Hippy movement begins; 1969: Richard M. Nixon becomes President, Man Lands on the Moon; Woodstock Festival. June's Aunt ae Effie Mae Cummins-Powell dies in 1963 in a nursing home in Niagara Falls, NY. Effie is buried next to her husband and son in Willowdale Cemetery. June's Aunt Anna Elizabeth Powell-Kaake dies in 1965 in Coudersport, Pa. Anna was buried next to her son on March 03, 1965 in Eulalia Cemetery in Coudersport, Pa.; June's cousin Harold James Powell dies at home in 1966 in Kane, Pa. Harold is cremated and his ashes are buried with his family in Willowdale Cemetery; June's Uncle Lawton Edward Kaake Sr. dies in 1967 in Coudersport, Pa. Lawton was buried next to his wife and son in Eulalia Cemetery in Coudersport, Pa.
1970's 1970: Kent State Massacre. 1971: Pentagon Papers. 1972: Watergate. 1973: Roe V Wade; Yom Kippur War. Vietnam War ends; 1974: President Nixon resigns, and Gerald R. Ford assumes the Presidency. 1977: James Carter becomes President; Panama Canal Treaties. 1978: Camp David Accords.  1979: Three Mile Island. USSR invades Afghanistan; Iran Hostage Crisis begins.   June's Aunt Mildred Annabelle Powell-Graser dies in 1979 in a nursing home in Buffalo, NY.
1980's 1981: Ronald Ragan becomes President, Iran Hostage Crisis ends; AIDS virus identified. 1982: Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer Wed at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London; 1986: Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes; Iran-Contra Scandal. 1987: Black Monday Oct. 19th. Wall Street Stocks crash; Earths Population reaches 5 Billion. 1988: Pan Am flight 103 explodes over Scotland. June Arlene Arnts-Terrill dies in 1988 in Venango, Pa.
Decades National and International Time Lines June's Time Line

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Documents of June Arline Arnts-Terrill
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated October 2011

None available at this time

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