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Thomas Wesley Powell
Powell Descendant Number:
Tom's other known pedigrees:
Father's Side:
Powell, Swartwood, De Gout; Cummins, Ellis, Barns, Barton; Frazier, Fish.
Mother's Side: Sincerny; Terwilliger, Palmn.

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Thomas Wesley Powell's Biography

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated August 2012

BORN On Thursday May 26, 1927 at his parents home in West Branch in Bradford, Pa.
DIED On Friday August 23, 1974 at Halifax Hospital from injuries he received in a Building collapse while working on a wall on the Valusia County Mall in Daytona Beach, Florida. Tom was 47.
CEMETERY Tom was buried on Tuesday August 27, 1974 in Oaklawn Memorial Gardens, Garden Street, Titusville, Florida. Toms body was later exhumed to be moved to a new location within the Oaklawn Cemetery. He brother Gerald Harold Powell was present the move and reburial.
FORMER ADDRESSES 2795 Donna Drive, Titusville, Florida. Brunswick, Ohio. Erie, Pa. West Branch in Bradford, Pennsylvania.
FATHER Harold James Powell 1898-1966
MOTHER Helen Irene Sincerny 1900-1985
SIBLINGS Francis James Powell 1924-2009; Wanda Helen Powell-Schneider 1926-1980 and Gerald Harold Powell 1928-2006.
SPOUSES B. Doris Austin 1929-1965 and Marjorie Carolyn Covert 1930-2006. Margie and Tom met at a dinner where she worked with Tom’s mother in in Erie, Pa.
CHILDREN Wanda Sharon Powell-Smith 1945-Living; Thomas Wesley Powell Jr. Roberts 1947-Living;
Constance Irene Powell-Henderson-Fort’e 1948-Living; Deborah Lynn Powell-Womack 1954-Living; William Wesley Powell 1955-Living; Timothy Lee Powell 1957-Living and Nancy Loraine Powell-Rom 1959-Living.
EDUCATIONAL HISTORY General Education and Welding Certification.
MILITARY HISTORY Solder U.S. Army World War 2
POLITICAL HISTORY Democrat, Tom was born when Calvin Coolidge was in office and died during Gerald R. Ford’s administration.
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Iron Worker, Tom had an acronym on his hat ”KOTA” meaning: Kiss O’ Tom Ass. Tom worked on many buildings and bridges. Help build the Space Center VAB, MLP’s and Apollo Launch Pads.
PERSONAL INTERESTS Boating and Working on Machines.
ORGANIZATIONS Iron Workers Local 808 out of Orlando Florida and the American Legion Post #1 in Titusville, Florida.

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The Descendents of William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood
Thomas Wesley Powell's Branch
Powell Descendant Number:

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated November 2011

Father of
Unknown Dates

Mother of
Unknown Name
Unknown Dates
Father of Thomas
Harold James Powell

Mother of Thomas
Helen Irene Sincerny

Father of
Unknown Dates
Mother of
Unknown Name
Unknown dates
B. Doris Austin
October 08, 1929 - Janet 01, 1965

Thomas Wesley Powell
May 26, 1927- August 23, 1974

Marjorie Carolyne Covert
August 30, 1930 - January 12, 2006

Wanda Sharyn
Had a Child

Thomas Wesley
Powell Jr.
Had Children
Constance Irene
Had a Child

Deborah Lynn
Had Children

William Wesley
Had a Child
Timothy Lee
Had Children
Nancy Lorraine
Had a Child

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Images of Thomas Wesley Powell

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated Aug. 2011

Powell, Sincerny Family's
Tom Powell with Grandmother Lora Edith Terwilliger-Sincerny,
Brother Jerry, Sister-in-law Wenny Fee-Powell,, Uncle Herb Sincerny and Sister Wanda.
Photo taken in 1942, in Bradford, PA.

Tom's Favorite Women
Helen Irene Sincerny-Powell, Thomas Wesley Powell and Wanda Helen Powell
Photo was taken in Bradford PA in the 1940's

Tom and Jerry
Thomas Wesley Powell and Gerald Harold Powell
Photo was taken in Bradford PA in the 1940's

Three Generations of Powell Men
Francis James, Lloyd Swartwood, Thomas Wesley, Lee William and Harold James Powell
Photo taken in 1944 at Lloyd's home on Bagley Av. in Bradford PA.

Fun at the Beach
Brother Jerry Powell with unknown woman, Sister Wanda Helen Powell and Tom.
Photo taken on the Lake Erie in Erie PA in 1945.

Thomas Wesley Powell U.S. Army
Photo taken in the 1940's

Army Bubbies
Photo was taken in 1945

Happy Couple
Tom and Margie Covert-Powell at a Park in Jamestown NY.
Photo was taken in 1949

Margie and Tom
Photo was taken in Bradford PA in the 1950's

Cold Windy Winter
Back row from left: Harold James Powell, Leroy Chapman, Thomas Wesley Powell
Front row from left: Helen Irene Sincerny-Powell and Margie Covert-Powell
Photo was taken in Bradford PA in the 1950's

The Powell Clan of 1954
Gerald Harold Powell, Francis James Powell, Thomas Wesley Powell, John Henry Powell, Kathryn Elaine Powell, Gerald Harold Powell Jr.
Margie Williams-Powell, Wanda Helen Powell-Chapman, June McCord-Powell holding her son James William Powell,
Effie Mae Cummins-Powell and Margie Covert-Powell.
Photo was taken in Allegheny State Park in New York State near Bradford, Pa.

Tom with his Mother Helen Irene Sincerny-Powell
Photo was taken in the 1950's

Powell Boys
Father Harold James Powell, brother F. Jim Powell and Tom
Photo was taken in 1952
in Allegheny State Park NY. near Bradford, Pa.

Tom's Family in 1955
Margie is holding William Wesley Powell and Tom his holding Debbie Lynn Powell.
Photo is believed to have been taken in Cleveland OH.

Margie and Tom at Christmas
Photo was taken in the 1960's

Florida or Bust
Tom Powell showing the way to Florida

Tom and Margie's Children
Deborah Lynn, William Wesley, Timothy Lee and Nancy Loraine Powell
Photo was taken in the 1960's at Their home on Donna Dr. in Titusville FL .

Father Daughter
Wanda Sharyn Powell and Thomas Wesley Powell
Photo was taken in Florida in the 1960's

Tom's Boat
F. James Powell with his dog Smokie, Helen Irene Sincerny-Powell, William Wesley Powell and Thomas Wesley Powell
Photo taken in 1971 in Jerry Powell yard in Titusville, Florida.

Tom's Fatherly Duties
Photo was taken at Debbie wedding on July 01, 1972

Their Last Time Together
F. James Powell and Thomas Wesley Powell in back,
Helen Irene Sincerny-Powell, Gerald Harold Powell and Wanda Helen Powell-Schneider in front.
Photo was taken in January 1974 in front of Helen's Trailer in Sand Point Trailer Park in Titusville, Florida.
Tom would die in a construction accident that August in Daytona Florida.

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Thomas Wesley Powell's Time Line

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011


National and International Timelines

Tom's Timeline


1920: First Radio Broadcast airs.
1921: Warren G. Harding becomes the 29th President of the United States; 19th Amendment giving Woman right to vote; U.S. Federal Highway Act.
1922: Lenin becomes leader of USSR;
1923: President Harding dies on August 02,1923, Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30th President of the United States.
1924: President Woodrow Wilson dies on February 03, 1924; Lenin dies Stalin becomes leader of USSR.
1925: Scopes Monkey Trial; F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes the Great Gatsby.
Kellogg-Briand Pact; Ernest Hemingway publishes the Sun Also Rises.
1927: Theory of Big Bang; Charles Lindbergh completes first solo flight across the Atlantic; Babe Ruth hits 60th home run for New York Yankees.
1928: Amelia Earhart first woman to cross Atlantic Ocean; Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie, first sound film.
1929: Herbert Hoover becomes the 31th President of the United States; William Faulkner publishes “The Sound and the Fury”; U.S. Stock Market Crashes on Black Tuesday October 29th. The Great Depression begins.

1924: Tom's older brother Francis James Powell is born on Monday February 04, 1924 in Wilkes-Barre to Harold James and Helen Sincerny-Powell; Tom's future sister-in-law Winifred Lorraine Fee, Francis James Powell first wife, is born on Thursday December 24, 1924.
1926: Tom's sister Wanda Helen Powell is born on Tuesday January 26, 1926 in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell.
1927: Tom's future sister-in-law Frances Knapp Gillotti, Frances James Powell’s second wife, is born on Sunday May 08, 1927 in Kane, Pa. to William Joseph and Zella Knapp-Gillotti; Thomas Wesley Powell is born on Thursday May 26, 1927 in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell.
1928: Tom's future brother-in-law Jay Leroy Chapman is born on Tuesday January 10, 1928 in Bradford, Pa. to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Chapman; Tom's brother Gerald Harold Powell is born Monday July 08, 1928 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell. Jerry is the first Powell, known to have been, born in a hospital; Tom's future sister-in-law June Veronica McCord, Gerald Harold Powell’s first wife, is born on Monday December 24, 1928 to William George McCord and Gewieve Bedeaux.
1929: Doris Austin, Thomas Wesley Powell’s first wife, is born on Tuesday October 08, 1929 in Quincy, Florida.


1930: President William Howard Taft dies on March 08, 1930.
1931: Thomas Edison dies on October 18, 1931.
1932: WW1 Vets occupy Washington DC over military bonuses; Radio City Music Hall opens in New York.
1933: President Calvin Coolidge dies on January 05, 1933; Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the 32th President of the United States; FDR begins fireside chats on radio. Begins New Deal; Unemployment Relief Acts begins; Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
1934: Apollo Theater opens in Harlem in NYC; Great Plans Dust Bowl; Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed in ambush; John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd killed by FBI agents.
1935: Social Security Act; Dust Bowl continues; National Labor relations act becomes Law; Charles Dickens Classic Scrooge made into movie staring Seymour Hicks.
1936: Margaret Mitchell publishes Gone With the Wind; Spanish Civil War begins; Benito Mussolini of Italy allies with Hitler; King George the fifth dies, King Edward the eight’s reign begins; King Edward the eight abdicates, King George the sixth’s reign begins.
1937: Hindenburg disaster in Lakehurst NJ; Amelia Earhart Lost over Pacific; A guard first stands post at the Tomb of Unknown in Wash. DC; Walt Disney releases Animation Film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs;
1938: Niagara Falls Bridge collapses; Bugs Bunny first movie is released; Superman appears in comics; Looney Tunes animated shorts released; Minimum wage established in U.S. War of the Words broadcast.
1939: John Steinbeck publishes Grapes of wrath; Germany invades Poland World War Two begins. The Hollywood Films: Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz is released.

Marjory Carolyn Covert, Thomas Wesley Powell’s second wife, is born on Saturday August 30, 1930 in Jamestown, NY.
1937: Tom's future sister-in-law Betty Jane De Groat, Gerald Harold Powell’s second wife, is born on Monday January 11, 1937 in Johnson City, New York to Charles John De Groat and Sophia Antoinette Svorc;
1938: Tom's future son-in-law James Carl Smith, Wanda Sharyn Powell’s husband, is born in Thursday November 10, 1938 in Parris Island, SC. to John and Mary Howard-Smith.


Battle of Britain begins; USSR invades Finland; Roosevelt elected to 3ed term.
1941: Bombing of Pearl Harbor, America enters the war.
1942: Bataan Death March; Battle of Midway; Internment of Japanese Americans; Manhattan Project.
1943: DNA discovered.
1944: D-Day June 6th. Battle of the Bulge.
1945: H.G. Wells dies; President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies on April 12, 1945, Harry S. Truman becomes the 33st President of the United States; Hitler commits suicide. VE-Day May 8th. Atomic Bombs are dropped on Japan, VJ-Day Aug.15th.  World War Two ends; United Nations Established; Cold War Begins.
1946: Tsunami hit big island in Hawaii; Philippines granted independence by U.S.  United Nations meet in NY for first time; It’s A Wonderful Life is released.
1947: Truman Plan and Marshall Doctrine; CIA established.
1948: U.S. Military Draft reinstated, military desegregated; 1949; NATO is established; China becomes Communist.
1949: First Volkswagen Beetle arrives in U.S. The Poe Toaster first appears at grave of Edgar Allan Poe; Red Scare on Hollywood by FBI.

1941: Tom's Great Uncle Charles Henry Powell dies on Monday November 03, 1941 from an auto accident in Flint, Mich. Charles’s body was brought back to Bradford, Pa. were he was buried next to his parents in the Powell family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery.
1942: Tom's brother Francis James Powell weds Winifred Lorraine Fee in Jacksonville Florida on Friday February 20, 1942.
Tom's Uncle John Henry Powell dies from an epileptic seizure at home, 70 Rocklin Av. in Bradford PA on August 25, 1943.  Tom's Grandmother Effie found John in his bed when she went looking for him when he did not come down for breakfast. Tom's father Harold and brother Jerry walked up the hill to the oil fields where John’s father Lloyd was working. When Lloyd saw them he said: " Its John isn't it?" John was buried on August 27, 1943 in Willowdale Cemetery in Bradford, pa. The words on the headstone "Out of Grief Comith Peace" are Effie's words to her son John.
1944: Tom's Aunt Jean Harriett Powell weds Francis Lederman at St. Joseph’s Cathedral on Saturday September 16, 1944 in Buffalo, NY; Tom's cousin James Lee Powell is killed on Tuesday October 17, 1944 in a military boomer plane crash in Yorkshire, England during WW2. James was 20. James was buried in Harrogate (Stone Fall) Cemetery in Yorkshire England;
1945: Wanda Sharon Powell is born on October 31, 1945 in Fernandina, Florida to Thomas Wesley Powell and Doris Austin-Powell; Tom's sister-in-law Winifred Lorraine Fee-Powell dies on Thursday May 17, 1945 at Army Air Force Base in Newark NJ. Winnie was buried in Allegheny Cemetery in Allegheny NY.
1947: Thomas Wesley Powell Jr. is born on Tuesday September 16, 1947 in Jacksonville Florida to Thomas Wesley and Doris Austin-Powell.
1948: Toms brother Gerald Harold Powell weds June Veronica McCord at St. Bernard Church in Bradford Pa on June 18, 1948; Constance Irene Powell is born on Friday September 17, 1948 in Jacksonville, Florida to Thomas Wesley and Doris Austin-Powell; Tom's Grandfather Lloyd Swartwood Powell dies on Sunday August 08, 1948 in Bradford, Pa. Lloyd was 74; Tom's Great Uncle Lee William Powell dies of cancer in 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lee was 67.


1950: Korean War begins; McCarthy-ism.
1951: Nuclear testing at Nevada Test Sight begins; Dennis the Menace appears in newspapers; All About Eve film wins Academy Awards; Douglas Mac Arthur relieved by President Truman; I love Lucy debut.
1952: Hydrogen Bomb; King George the sixth dies, Queen Elizabeth the second’s reign begins.
1953: Dwight D. Eisenhower becomes the 34 President of the United States.
1954: Brown v Board of Education.
1955: Albert Einstein dies; Elvis Presley’s star rises; Desegregation of schools by U.S. Supreme Court; Actor James Dean is killed in crash.
1956: Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe become stars; First episode of As The World Turns, To Tell The Truth and Truth or Consequences Airs on TV; Interstate Highway System is created; Artist Jackson Pollock dies in car crash.
1957: USSR Sputnik satellite orbits earth.
1958: NASA founded. Vietnam Conflict grows;
1959: Alaska and Hawaii become States; U.S. Mercury man space program begins; The day the Music died, Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and “The Big Bopper” J.P. Richardson are killed in a plane crash in Iowa.

1950: Tom's future son-in-law William Roy Womack is born on Thursday June 22, 1950 in Laurinburg, North Carolina to William and Erma Womack.
1951: Tom's cousin Lawton Edward Kaake Jr. dies in a auto accident on Tuesday August 28, 1951. Lawton was 19.
1952: Tom's future daughter-in-law Cindy Ann Woodall is born on Tuesday June 10, 1952 in Tampa, Fl.
1953: Tom's Great Aunt Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts dies in Saturday August 22, 1953 in Erie, Pa. Maude was 70;
1954: Debbie Lynn Powell is born on Sunday February 14, 1954 in Cleveland, Ohio to Thomas Wesley and Margie Covert-Powell;
1955: William Wesley Powell is born on Sunday February 13, 1955 in Cleveland, Ohio to Thomas Wesley and Margie Covert- Powell; Tom's Great Uncle Raymond Arnts dies on Monday February 21, 1955 in Erie PA.
1956: Tom's brother-in-law Jay Leroy Chapman dies of cancer in Erie Pa on January 04, 1956. Leroy was buried in Lafayette Cemetery outside of Bradford Pa; Tom's future son-in-law John Robert Campbell, Nancy Loraine Powell future husband, is born on Monday February 13, 1956 in Rockledge, Fl. to John and Sarah Campbell.
1957: Timothy Lee Powell is born on Friday August 30, 1957 in Cleveland, Ohio to Thomas Wesley and Margie Covert-Powell.
1959: Nancy Loraine Powell is born on Monday January 12, 1959 in Medina, Ohio to Thomas Wesley and Margie Covert-Powell.


First televised Presidential debates Kennedy Vs. Nixon.
1961: John F. Kennedy becomes the 35th President of the United States; The Bay of Pigs; Berlin Wall built.
1962: Cuban Missile Crisis; U.S. Gemini man space program begins
1963: ML King’s March on Washington, “I have a dream speech”; President Kennedy is assassinated on November 22, 1963, Linden B. Johnson becomes the 36th President of the United States; Plate Tectonics; U.S. Mercury man space program ends; U.S. Apollo man space program begins. Singer Patsy Cline is killed in a plane crash.
1964: The Beatles star rises; The Big Bang proven; President Herbert Hoover dies on October 20, 1964.
1965: Medicare Begins in U.S. Malcolm X Assassinated.
1966: National Organization of Woman founded (NOW); U.S. Gemini man space program ends
1967: Race riots in U.S. “Long Hot Summer”
1968: TET Offensive Vietnam; Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy is assassinated; Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King is assassinated; Helen Keller dies on June 01, 1968; Vietnam War protests; Hippy movement begins.
1969: Richard M. Nixon becomes the 37th President of the United States; President Dwight D. Eisenhower dies on March 28, 1969; Man Lands and walks on the Moon; Woodstock Festival.

1962: Tom's brother Gerald Harold Powell weds Betty Jane De Groat-Daily at courthouse in Brunswick GA on February 23, 1962.
1963: Tom's Grandmother Effie Mae Cummins-Powell dies on Sunday November 24, 1963 in a nursing home in Niagara Falls, NY. Effie was 85. Effie is buried next to her husband and son in Willowdale Cemetery.
1965: Tom's Aunt Anna Elizabeth Powell-Kaake died on Sunday February 28, 1965 in Coudersport, Pa. Anna was 54. Anna was buried next to her son on March 03, 1965 in Eulalia Cemetery in Coudersport, Pa.; Thomas Wesley Powell first wife Doris Austin-Powell dies on June 01, 1965 she was 35. Doris was buried in the National Cemetery in Beaufort South Carolina.
1966: Tom's father Harold James Powell died at home on Friday April 22, 1966 in Kane Pa. Harold was 68. Harold was cremated and his ashes are buried with his family in Willowdale Cemetery.
1967: Tom's Uncle Lawton Edward Kaake died on Tuesday February 28, 1967 in Coudersport Pa. Lawton was 68. Lawton was buried next to his wife and son in Eulalia Cemetery in Coudersport, Pa. Jerry Cyle Smith was born on Monday November 06 in San Francisco, Ca. and was adopted by James Carl Smith and Wanda Sharyn Powell.


1970: Kent State Massacre.
1971: Pentagon Papers.
1972: Watergate; U.S. Apollo man space program ends; President Harry S. Truman dies on December 26, 1972.
1973: President Lyndon B. Johnson dies on January 22, 1973; Roe V Wade; Yom Kippur War. Vietnam War ends.
1974: President Nixon resigns, and Gerald R. Ford assumes the 38th Presidency.
1975: Trans-Alaska Pipeline System begins; Rocky Horror Show opens on Broadway; Bill Gates founds Microsoft; Apollo-Soyuz; Viking 1Launches to Mars; Muhammad Ali defeats Joe Frazier.
Apple Computer is formed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak; Two Dollar Bill; U.S. Bicentennial; NASA Photos taken of Mars Surface; Space Shuttle Enterprise rolls out of hanger.
1977: James Carter becomes the 39th President of the United States; Panama Canal Treaties; In May the movie Star Wars, The New Hope is released; Singer Elvis Presley dies.
1978: Camp David Accords; Unabomber begins his attacks.
1979: Three Mile Island. USSR invades Afghanistan; Iran Hostage Crisis begins.

Tom's sister Wanda Helen Powell-Schneider and Family move to Chatsworth California.
1972: Tom's daughter Deborah Lynn Powell weds William Roy Womack on July 01, 1972.
1973: Tom's sister Wanda Helen Powell-Schneider is diagnosed with Leukemia.
1974: Tom's first Grandchild William Roy Womack 3ed. was born on Monday April 01, 1974 in Fish Memorial Hosp. in New Smyrna, Fl. to William Roy Womack Jr. and Deborah Lynn Powell; Thomas Wesley Powell dies in construction accident on Friday August 23, 1974 in Daytona Beach, Florida. Thomas was 47. Thomas was buried in Oaklawn Cemetery in Titusville, Florida; Tom's daughter Nancy Loraine Powell weds John Campbell in Titusville FL on September 07, 1974; Tom's grandson Timothy Lee Powell Jr. was born in late 1974 in Jess Parrish Hosp. in Titusville, fl. to Timothy Lee Powell Sr. and Cindy.
1975: Tom's Grandson, and namesake, Thomas Wesley Powell was born on Monday January 13, 1975 in Jess Parrish Hosp. in Titusville, Fl. to William Wesley Powell and Brenda Saver; Tom's granddaughter Melisa Ann Campbell was born on January 16, 1975 in Jess Parrish Hosp. in Titusville, Fl. to Nancy Loraine Powell and John Campbell.
1976: Tom's twin Grandson's Kyle and Keith Powell were born on Saturday August 28, 1976 in Jess Parrish Hosp. in Titusville, Fl. to Timothy Lee Powell and Cindy.
1977: Tom's grandson Stuart Wesley Womack was born on Monday February 21, 1977 in Baptist Memorial Hospital in Montgomery, Alabama. To William Roy Womack Jr. and Deborah Lynn Powell.
1979: Tom's Aunt Mildred Annabelle Powell-Graser dies on Sunday March 25, 1979 in Buffalo, NY. Mildred was 78.
Decades National and International Timelines Tom's Timeline

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Documents of Thomas Wesley Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated August 2011




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