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Charles Henry Powell
Powell Descendant Number: 1.4
Charles's other known pedigrees: Charles had no children.
Father's Side: Powell.
Mother's Side: Swartwood
, De Grout.

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The Biography of Charles Henry Powell

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated May 2012

BORN Charles was born on Monday June 28,1886 in Bradford Pennsylvania. Children born during the 19th century were usually born at home.
DIED Charles passed away on Monday November 03, 1941 from injuries caused by a car accident in Flint, Michigan. Charles was 54. Charles sustained injuries in an auto accident, which brought about his death. According to niece Joyce Powell Gillespie-Scheffer, Charles live three days after the accident before he died.
CEMETERY Charles was buried in the Powell Family Plot in Oak Hill Cemetery, Bradford, Pa. Next to his Mother Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell, Father William Henry Powell and brother Lee William Powell.
FORMER ADDRESSES Charles's last address was 3490 Lincoln Av. Detroit, Michigan;. West Corydon Street, Bradford, Pa. left 1916; Bradford Township, Pa; High Street, Bradford, Pa. c1880’s.
FATHER William Henry Powell 1829-1895
MOTHER Mary Elizabeth Swartwood 1850-1915
SIBLINGS Lloyd Swartwood Powell 1873-1948; Lee William Powell 1880-1948; Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts 1883-1953.
POLITICAL HISTORY Unknown; Charles was born when Grover Cleveland was in office and died during Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration.
EMPLOYMENT HISTORY Charles was a clerk at St. James Hotel, Bradford, Pa.; A Salesmen for National Screen Services in Flint, Michigan, It is a Movie/Film advertisement Co.
PERSONAL INTERESTS According to his niece Joyce Powell Gillespie-Scheffer, Charles was very Family Oriented. He was devoted to Maude’s Child June Arline Arnts-Terrell.

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Images of Charles Henry Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated August 2011

Sister: Maude Pearl Lucy Powell, Brother: Lee William Powell and Charles Henry Powell
Photo taken in Corry, Pa. in the 1890's


Powell Family Photo
Brother: Lee William Powell, Charles Henry Powell, Sister: Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts,
Niece: June Arline Arnts-Terrill and a Great Niece: Joyce Powell Gillespie
Photo taken in October 17, 1941 in Erie, Pa.

Powell Family Photo 2
Lee William Powell, Charles Henry Powell, Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts and a young Joyce Powell Gillespie
Photo taken in October 17, 1941 in Erie, Pa.

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The Time Line of Charles Henry Powell

Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011


National and International Time Lines

Charles's Time Line


First Electric Street Lights in Wabash IN; Thomas Edison founds The Journal Science; Helen Keller’s is born on June 27, 1880.
Gun Fight at OK Corral in Tombstone AZ; James A. Garfield becomes the 20th President of the United States and is assassinated on September 19, 1881, Chester A. Arthur becomes the 21st President of the United States; Billy the Kid is killed.
1882: Jesse James is killed, National Time Zones established. Brooklyn Bridge completed; Charles Darwin dies.
1883: Brooklyn Bridge opens.
1884: Mark Twain publishes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
1885: Grover Cleveland becomes the 22ed President of the United States; Washington Monument completed. President Ulysses S. Grant dies on July 23, 1885.
1886: AFL Labor Union forms; Geronimo sent to Florida; President Chester A. Arthur dies on November 18, 1886.
1887: U.S. Navy leases Pearl Harbor; First Groundhog Day on February 2ed in Punxsutawney PA; Anne Sullivan begins teaching Helen Keller.
1888: National Geographic’s founded.
1889: Benjamin Harris becomes the 23ed President of the United States; Eiffel Tower completed.

1880: Lee William Powell is born in Bradford, Pa. to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood;
1883: Maude Pearl Lucy Powell is born in Bradford, Pa on Thursday December 20 to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood; Raymond Arnts, Maude’s future husband, is born on Tuesday April 10 in Smethport, Pa.
1886: Charles Henry Powell is born in Bradford, Pa on Monday June 28 to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood; Charles's future sister-in-law Anna May Stormont, Lee’s future wife, is believed to have been born in 1886 in Canada.


1890: Wounded Knee Massacre; Yosemite National Park established.
1891: Oscar Wilde publishes The Pitcher of Dorian Gray.
1892: Ellis Island begins accommodating immigrants; Thomas Edison patens two-way telegraph; Vogue Magazines first addition.
1893: Grover Cleveland becomes the 24th President of the United States; President Rutherford B. Hayes dies on January 17, 1893.
1894: Cocoa-Cola; New York City Sweatshop Worker Strike.
1895: X-Rays discovered; H.G. Wells publishes The Time Machine.
1896: Plessy v. Ferguson: separate but equal upholds segregation; F. Scott Fitzgerald is born; New York Telephone Co. established.
1897: William McKinley becomes the 25th President of the United States; Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War Begins.
1898: U.S. Annexes Hawaii.
1899: The Great Blizzard; Bronx Zoo opens in New York City.

Charles's father William Henry Powell Dies on Monday December 30, 1895 in Corry, Pa. Williams body was brought back to Bradford. Pa. and buried on the eastern side of Oak Hill Cemetery.
1889: Charles becomes a Uncle when Harold James Powell is born in Sunday February 13, 1898 at his parents home in Niles Hallow in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell.


1900: Oscar Wilde dies; Boxer Rebellion; U.S. Gold Standard Act; Max Plank founds quantum theory.
1901: William McKinley is assassinated in Buffalo, NY on September 14, 1901, Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 26th President of the United States; Queen Victoria dies, King Edward the seventh’s reign begins; President Benjamin Harrison dies on March 13, 1901
1902: Rose Bowl, first collage football bowl game; First movie theater.
1903: Wright Brothers fly first plane.
1904: United States takes control of Panama Canal Zone and the U.S. Army begins work on the Panama Canal; First New Years Eve celebration is held in Time Square; Polygamy outlawed by Mormon Church.
1905: Albert Einstein proposes theory of relativity; Jules Vern dies.
1906: San Francisco earthquake; Panama Canal begins.
1907: Oklahoma becomes 46 State; First electric ball drops in Time Square
1908: President Grover Cleveland dies on June 24, 1908.
1909: William H. Taft becomes the 27th President of the United States; NAACP is founded.

Charles' neice Mildred Annabelle Powell is born on Wednesday February 27, 1901 in West Branch in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Powell.
1908: Charles's sister Maude Pearl Lucy Powell weds Raymond Arnts in Bradford PA in June 1908.


1910: King Edward the seventh dies, King George the fifth’s reign begins. Hailey’s Comet returns Mark Twain dies.
1911: New York Public Library opens; Hiram Bingham rediscovers Machu Picchu.
1912: HMS Titanic Sinks; Continental Drift Theory.
1913: Woodrow Wilson becomes the 28th President of the United States; U.S. Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act established.
1914: Austrian Archduke assassinated World War One begins in Europe; Panama Canal opens.
1915: The NACA, the predecessor of NASA, is founded; Pennsylvania begins; Mexico becomes a Nation.
1916: Margaret Sanger opens Clinic –a forerunner to Planned Parenthood.
1917: U.S. Enters WW One.
1918: U.S. Congress establishes time zones and approves daylight savings time;
1919: President Theodore Roosevelt dies on January 06, 1919; Prohibition begins in U.S; WW One Ends. 1919: Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations is created.

1910: Charles neice Anna Elizabeth Powell is born on Tuesday November 08, 1910 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Cummins-Powell.
1911: Charles neice June Arlene Arnts is born on Thursday April 20, 1911 in Bradford, Pa. to Raymond Arnts and Maude Powell-Arnts; Charles brother Lee William Powell weds Anna May Stormont in Hamilton Ontario Canada on August 08, 1911.
1913: Charles's nephew William Stormont Powell is born in 1913 to Lee William Powell and Anna May Stormont-Powell.
1915: Charles's mother Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell dies on Friday, around 6 P M, on January 15, 1915 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford Pa. Mary was 64. Her funeral is held in her eldest son Lloyd's home in Dagola, Pa. Mary was buried Sunday January 17. 1915 next to her husband in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bradford, Pa.
1916: Charles's neice Jean Harriett Powell is born on Thursday July 13, 1916 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Powell.


1920: First Radio Broadcast airs.
1921: Warren G. Harding becomes the 29th President of the United States; 19th Amendment giving Woman right to vote; U.S. Federal Highway Act.
1922: Lenin becomes leader of USSR;
1923: President Harding dies on August 02,1923, Calvin Coolidge becomes the 30th President of the United States.
1924: President Woodrow Wilson dies on February 03, 1924; Lenin dies Stalin becomes leader of USSR.
1925: Scopes Monkey Trial; F. Scott Fitzgerald publishes the Great Gatsby.
Kellogg-Briand Pact; Ernest Hemingway publishes the Sun Also Rises.
1927: Theory of Big Bang; Charles Lindbergh completes first solo flight across the Atlantic; Babe Ruth hits 60th home run for New York Yankees.
1928: Amelia Earhart first woman to cross Atlantic Ocean; Mickey Mouse appears in Steamboat Willie, first sound film.
1929: Herbert Hoover becomes the 31th President of the United States; William Faulkner publishes “The Sound and the Fury”; U.S. Stock Market Crashes on Black Tuesday October 29th. The Great Depression begins.

1920: Charles's nephew John Henry Powell is born on Sunday Sept. 05, 1920 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Powell;
1922: Bernadette Elizabeth Heck, A Mysterious Powell Ancestor, is born in 1922.
1923: Charles's neice Mildred Annabelle Powell weds Norman Franklin Graser in St. Paul’s Cathedral in Buffalo NY on November 10, 1923.
1924: Charles's nephew James Lee Powell is born on Wednesday July 23, 1924 in Windsor Ontario, Canada to Lee and Anna Stormont-Powell.
1924: Charles great nephew Francis James Powell is born on Monday February 04, 1924 in Wilkes-Barre to Harold James and Helen Sincerny-Powell; Winifred Lorraine Fee, Francis James Powell first wife, is born on Thursday December 24, 1924.
1926: Charles great neice Wanda Helen Powell is born on Tuesday January 26, 1926 in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell; Earl Milton Scheffer, Joyce Powell Gillespie future husband, is born on Saturday August 28, 1926 in Erie, Pa. to George Scheffer and Lulu Marie Miller.
1927: Charles's great nephew Thomas Wesley Powell is born on Thursday May 26, 1927 in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell.
1928: Charles's great nephew Gerald Harold Powell is born Monday July 08, 1928 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford, Pa. to Harold and Helen Powell. Jerry is the first Powell, known to have been, born in a hospital.


1930: President William Howard Taft dies on March 08, 1930.
1931: Thomas Edison dies on October 18, 1931.
1932: WW1 Vets occupy Washington DC over military bonuses; Radio City Music Hall opens in New York.
1933: President Calvin Coolidge dies on January 05, 1933; Franklin D. Roosevelt becomes the 32th President of the United States; FDR begins fireside chats on radio. Begins New Deal; Unemployment Relief Acts begins; Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany.
1934: Apollo Theater opens in Harlem in NYC; Great Plans Dust Bowl; Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow killed in ambush; John Dillinger and Pretty Boy Floyd killed by FBI agents.
1935: Social Security Act; Dust Bowl continues; National Labor relations act becomes Law; Charles Dickens Classic Scrooge made into movie staring Seymour Hicks.
1936: Margaret Mitchell publishes Gone With the Wind; Spanish Civil War begins; Benito Mussolini of Italy allies with Hitler; King George the fifth dies, King Edward the eight’s reign begins; King Edward the eight abdicates, King George the sixth’s reign begins.
1937: Hindenburg disaster in Lakehurst NJ; Amelia Earhart Lost over Pacific; A guard first stands post at the Tomb of Unknown in Wash. DC; Walt Disney releases Animation Film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs;
1938: Niagara Falls Bridge collapses; Bugs Bunny first movie is released; Superman appears in comics; Looney Tunes animated shorts released; Minimum wage established in U.S. War of the Words broadcast.
1939: John Steinbeck publishes Grapes of wrath; Germany invades Poland World War Two begins. The Hollywood Films: Gone with the Wind and the Wizard of Oz is released.

1932: Charles's great nephew Lawton Edward Kaake Jr. is born on Monday February 22, 1932 to Lawton and Anna Elizabeth Powell-Kaake.
1933: Charles's great neice Joyce Powell Gillespie is born on Thursday October 19, 1933 in Erie, Pa. to Thomas Edison Gillespie and June Arline Arnts.
1936: Charles's great neice Beverly Kaake is born in 1936 to Lawton Edward Kaake and Anna Elizabeth Powell-Kaake.


Battle of Britain begins; USSR invades Finland; Roosevelt elected to 3ed term.
1941: Bombing of Pearl Harbor, America enters the war.
1942: Bataan Death March; Battle of Midway; Internment of Japanese Americans; Manhattan Project.
1943: DNA discovered.
1944: D-Day June 6th. Battle of the Bulge.
1945: H.G. Wells dies; President Franklin D. Roosevelt dies on April 12, 1945, Harry S. Truman becomes the 33st President of the United States; Hitler commits suicide. VE-Day May 8th. Atomic Bombs are dropped on Japan, VJ-Day Aug.15th.  World War Two ends; United Nations Established; Cold War Begins.
1946: Tsunami hit big island in Hawaii; Philippines granted independence by U.S.  United Nations meet in NY for first time; It’s A Wonderful Life is released.
1947: Truman Plan and Marshall Doctrine; CIA established.
1948: U.S. Military Draft reinstated, military desegregated; 1949; NATO is established; China becomes Communist.
1949: First Volkswagen Beetle arrives in U.S. The Poe Toaster first appears at grave of Edgar Allan Poe; Red Scare on Hollywood by FBI; Author Christopher Hitchens is born on April 13, 1949.

1941: Charles Henry Powell dies on Monday November 03, 1941 from an auto accident in Flint, Mich. Charles’s body was brought back to Bradford, Pa. were he was buried next to his parents in the Powell family plot in Oak Hill Cemetery.
Charles's nephew John Henry Powell dies from an epileptic seizure at home, 70 Rocklin Av. in Bradford, Pa. on August 25, 1943.  His mother Effie found John in his bed when she went looking for him when he did not come down for breakfast. John's brother Harold and nephew Jerry walked up the hill to the oilfields where John’s father Lloyd was working. When Lloyd saw them he said: " Its John isn't it?" John was buried on August 27, 1943 in Willowdale Cemetery in Bradford PA. The words on the headstone "Out of Grief Comith Peace" are Effie's words to her son John.
1944: Charles Nephew James Lee Powell is killed on Tuesday October17, 1944 in a military boomer plane crash in Yorkshire, England during WW2. James was 20. James was buried in Harrogate (Stone Fall) Cemetery in Yorkshire England.
1948: Charles's brother Lloyd Swartwood Powell dies on Sunday August 08, 1948 in Bradford, Pa. Lloyd was 74; Charles's brother Lee William Powell dies of cancer in 1948 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Lee was 67.

Decades National and International Time Lines Charles's Time Line

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Documents of Charles Hernry Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated October 2011

Charles's Obituary


Powell Family Marker at Oak Hill Cemetery

Charles's Headstone

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