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Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell
Powell Descendant Number: 1A

Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell and her parents are as far back as we have been able to go in tracing our Swartwood descendant line. Any information about Mary's parentage would be greatly appreciated.

Mary's other known pedigrees:

Mother's Side: De Grout.
Father's Side: Swartwood.

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The Biography of Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011

BORN Mary was born on Friday the 14th. of June 1850 in Waverly, New York. Children born during the 19th century were usually born at home.
DIED Mary passed away in Bradford Hospital of a prolong illness. On Friday at 6:00 AM on the 15th. of January 1915 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford, Pennsylvania. Mary was 64. The funeral was held at her eldest son Lloyd Swartwood Powell’s House.
CEMETERY Mary was buried was buried on Sunday the 17th. of January 1915 in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bradford Pennsylvania in the Powell Family Plot along side her husband William Henry Powell, later two of their sons: Charles Henry Powell and Lee William Powell where also buried along side them.
FORMER ADDRESSES Mary's last address was 2816 Wayne St. Erie, Pa. briefly with her daughter Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts; Bradford Township for 30 years; High Street, Bradford, Pa. 1880’s; Roseville, Pa. 1873; Birth place, Waverly, New York 1850.
FATHER John Swartwood Unknown Dates Waverly, NY.
MOTHER Sarah DeGrout Unknown Dates Waverly, NY.
SIBLINGS A Sister Mrs. T. T. Cunningham of Oil City, Pa. there may be more.
SPOUSE William Henry Powell 1829-1895
CHILDREN Lloyd Swartwell Powell 1873-1948; Lee William Powell 1880-1948; Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts 1883-1953, and Charles Henry Powell 1886-1941.
POLITICAL HISTORY Unknown; Woman did not have the right to vote during Mary's life time. Mary was born when Zachary Taylor was in office and died when Woodrow Wilson was President.

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The Descendents of William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood

Powell Descendant Number: 1A
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated June 2011

William's Father
napowell butt
Powell Father Unknown
New York

William's Mother
momun butt
Mother Unknown
New York

Mary's Father
JS butt
John Swartwood
Of Waverly, NY.
Mary's Mother
Sdeg butt
Sarah DeGrout

Of Waverly, NY.

Their Son
WHP butt
William Henry Powell
July 20, 1829 - Dec. 30, 1895

Their Father

Their Daughter
MESP butt
Mary Elizabeth Swartwood
June 14, 1850 - Jan. 15, 1915
Their Mother

Their Son
lsp butt
Lloyd Swartwood Powell
Oct. 30, 1873 - Aug. 8. 1948

Had Children

Their Son
lwp butt
Lee William Powell
1880 - 1948
Had Children

Their Daughter
mplpa butt
Maude Pearl Lucy
Dec. 20, 1883 - Aug. 22, 1953

Had A Child
Their Son
chp butt
Charles Henry Powell
June 28, 1886 - Nov. 3, 1941
Had No Children

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The Time Line of Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last Updated June, 2011


National and International Time Lines

Mary's Time Line


1850: President Zackary Taylor dies on July 09, 1850, Millard Fillmore becomes the 13th President of the United States; California becomes a State.
1851: Herman Melville publishes Moby Dick.
1852: Harriet Beecher Stove publishes Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Irish Potato Famine migration ends.
1853: Franklin Pierce becomes the 14th President of the United States.
1854: Oscar Wilde is born.
1855: Penn State is founded.
1856: Second Opium War begins in China; Republican Party Forms.
1857: James Buchanan becomes the 15th President of the United States.
1858: Minnesota becomes 32 State; Trans-Atlantic telegraph cable.
1859: Charles Darwin publishes the theory of Evolution.

1850: Mary Elizabeth Swartwood, Williams Henry Powell's future wife, is born in Waverly, New York on Friday June 14, 1850 to John and Sarah De Gout-Swartwood; Mary's future husband William Henry Powell moves to Williamsburg, New York in the early 1850’s.
1856: Mary's Future Husband William Henry Powell joins the U.S. Navy and fights in the Second Opium War in China.


1860: Second Opium War ends.
1861: Abraham Lincoln becomes the 16th President of the United States; American Civil War begins.
1862: President John Tyler dies on January 18, 1862; President Martin Van Buren dies on July 24, 1862.
1863: Battle of Gettysburg; Jules Vern publishes Five Weeks in a Balloon.
1864: The long Walk of the Navaho; Arlington established as a National Cemetery. General Sherman burns Atlanta and head to the sea.
1865: 13 Amendment abolishing slavery in U.S; Robert E. Lee surrenders at Appomattox; Abraham Lincoln is assassinated on April 15, 1865 at Ford Theater by John Wilkes Booth, Andrew Jackson becomes the 17th President of the United States; American Civil War Ends; 8 hr. work day in U.S.
1866: H.G. Wells is born; Civil War Reconstruction Begins.
1867: Alaska purchased from Russia; Clark school for the deaf opens in Massachusetts.
1868: President James Buchanan dies on June 01, 1868.
1869: The Gilded Age Begins; Ulysses S, Grant becomes the 18th President of the United States; Periodic Table; President Franklin Pierce dies on October 08, 1869.

   There is a possibility that William Henry Powell my have participated in the American Civil War. Bradford. Pa. has recorded a W. H. Powell in the Ohio Reg. Family stories have him in the Union Navy fighting on the Ohio River. No documents have been found to support this claim.


1870: Charles Dickens dies.
1871: the Great Chicago Fire.
1872: Yellowstone becomes U.S. First National Park.
1873: Barbed wire, Coors Beer and Levi Jeans; New York Central Park completed; New York Stocks Market Crash triggers the panic of 1873 and the Long Depression.
1874: President Millard Fillmore dies on March 08, 1874
1875: President Andrew Jackson dies on July 31, 1875.
1876: National League of Baseball founded, Battle of the Little Bighorn, Wild Bill Hickok killed; Alexander Graham Bell invents the Phone.
1877: Rutherford B. Hayes becomes the 19th President of the United States; Civil War Reconstruction Ends.
1878: Thomas Edison patented the phonograph; American Bicycle craze.
1879: Thomas Edison invents light bulb. Albert Einstein is born. The Long Depression ends; Gilded Age Ends.

William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood meet and marry sometime in the early 1870’s;
1873: William and Mary have their first child: Lloyd Swartwood Powell is born on Thursday October 30, 1873 in Roseville, Pa.
1878: Effie Mae Cummins, Lloyd’s future wife, is born on Saturday January 12, 1878 in Edinburgh, Pa. to Francis James Cummins and Annabelle Frazier-Cummins.


First Electric Street Lights in Wabash IN; Thomas Edison founds The Journal Science; Helen Keller’s is born on June 27, 1880.
Gun Fight at OK Corral in Tombstone AZ; James A. Garfield becomes the 20th President of the United States and is assassinated on September 19, 1881, Chester A. Arthur becomes the 21st President of the United States; Billy the Kid is killed.
1882: Jesse James is killed, National Time Zones established. Brooklyn Bridge completed; Charles Darwin dies.
1883: Brooklyn Bridge opens.
1884: Mark Twain publishes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.
1885: Grover Cleveland becomes the 22ed President of the United States; Washington Monument completed. President Ulysses S. Grant dies on July 23, 1885.
1886: AFL Labor Union forms; Geronimo sent to Florida; President Chester A. Arthur dies on November 18, 1886.
1887: U.S. Navy leases Pearl Harbor; First Groundhog Day on February 2ed in Punxsutawney PA; Anne Sullivan begins teaching Helen Keller.
1888: National Geographic’s founded.
1889: Benjamin Harris becomes the 23ed President of the United States; Eiffel Tower completed.

1880: Lee William Powell is born in Bradford, Pa. to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood;
1883: Maude Pearl Lucy Powell is born in Bradford, Pa on Thursday December 20 to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood; Raymond Arnts, Maude’s future husband, is born on Tuesday April 10 in Smethport, Pa.
1886: Charles Henry Powell is born in Bradford, Pa on Monday June 28 to William Henry Powell and Mary Elizabeth Swartwood; Anna May Stormont, Lee’s future wife, is believed to have been born in 1886 in Canada.


1890: Wounded Knee Massacre; Yosemite National Park established.
1891: Oscar Wilde publishes The Pitcher of Dorian Gray.
1892: Ellis Island begins accommodating immigrants; Thomas Edison patens two-way telegraph; Vogue Magazines first addition.
1893: Grover Cleveland becomes the 24th President of the United States; President Rutherford B. Hayes dies on January 17, 1893.
1894: Cocoa-Cola; New York City Sweatshop Worker Strike.
1895: X-Rays discovered; H.G. Wells publishes The Time Machine.
1896: Plessy v. Ferguson: separate but equal upholds segregation; F. Scott Fitzgerald is born; New York Telephone Co. established.
1897: William McKinley becomes the 25th President of the United States; Spanish-American War and Philippine-American War Begins.
1898: U.S. Annexes Hawaii.
1899: The Great Blizzard; Bronx Zoo opens in New York City.

Mary's husband William Henry Powell Dies on Monday December 30, 1895 in Corry, Pa. Williams body was brought back to Bradford. Pa. and buried on the eastern side of Oak Hill Cemetery.
1889: Mary's first Grandchild: Harold James Powell is born in Sunday February 13, 1898 at his parents home in Niles Hallow in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell.


1900: Oscar Wilde dies; Boxer Rebellion; U.S. Gold Standard Act; Max Plank founds quantum theory.
1901: President William McKinley is assassinated in Buffalo, NY on September 14, 1901, Theodore Roosevelt becomes the 26th President of the United States; Queen Victoria dies, King Edward the seventh’s reign begins; President Benjamin Harrison dies on March 13, 1901
1902: Rose Bowl, first collage football bowl game; First movie theater.
1903: The Wright Brothers fly first plane.
1904: United States takes control of Panama Canal Zone and the U.S. Army begins work on the Panama Canal; First New Years Eve celebration is held in Time Square; Polygamy outlawed by Mormon Church.
1905: Albert Einstein proposes theory of relativity; Jules Vern dies.
1906: San Francisco earthquake; Panama Canal begins.
1907: Oklahoma becomes 46 State; First electric ball drops in Time Square
1908: President Grover Cleveland dies on June 24, 1908.
1909: William H. Taft becomes the 27th President of the United States; NAACP is founded.

Mary's Granddaughter Mildred Annabelle Powell is born on Wednesday February 27, 1901 in West Branch in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell.
1908: Mary's daughter Maude Pearl Lucy Powell weds Raymond Arnts in Bradford PA in June 1908.


1910: King Edward the seventh dies, King George the fifth’s reign begins. Hailey’s Comet returns Mark Twain dies.
1911: New York Public Library opens; Hiram Bingham rediscovers Machu Picchu.
1912: HMS Titanic Sinks; Continental Drift Theory.
1913: Woodrow Wilson becomes the 28th President of the United States; U.S. Income Tax and Federal Reserve Act established.
1914: Austrian Archduke assassinated World War One begins in Europe; Panama Canal opens.
1915: The NACA, the predecessor of NASA, is founded; Pennsylvania begins; Mexico becomes a Nation.
1916: Margaret Sanger opens Clinic –a forerunner to Planned Parenthood.
1917: U.S. Enters WW One.
1918: U.S. Congress establishes time zones and approves daylight savings time;
1919: President Theodore Roosevelt dies on January 06, 1919; Prohibition begins in U.S; WW One Ends. 1919: Treaty of Versailles, League of Nations is created.

1910: Mary's granddaughter Anna Elizabeth Powell is born on Tuesday November 08, 1910 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd andEffie Mae Cummins-Powell.
1911: Mary's granddaughter June Arlene Arnts is born on Thursday April 20, 1911 in Bradford, Pa. to Raymond Arnts and Maude Powell-Arnts; Mary's son Lee William Powell weds Anna May Stormont in Hamilton Ontario Canada on August 08, 1911.
1913: Mary's grandson William Stormont Powell is born in 1913 to Lee William Powell and Anna May Stormont-Powell;
1915: Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell dies on Friday, around 6 P M, on January 15, 1915 in Bradford Hospital in Bradford Pa. Mary was 64. Her funeral is held in her eldest son Lloyd's home in Dagola, Pa. Mary was buried Sunday January 17. 1915 next to her husband in Oak Hill Cemetery in Bradford, Pa.
1916: Mary's Granddaughter Jean Harriett Powell is born on Thursday July 13, 1916 in Bradford, Pa. to Lloyd Swartwood Powell and Effie Mae Cummins-Powell.

Decades National and International Time Lines Mary's Time Line

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Documents on Mary Elizabeth Swartwood-Powell
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated October 2011

Mary's Death Notice

Powell Family Marker at Oak Hill Cemetery

Mary's Headstone

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