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Powell Descendent’s by Age and Generation
Compiled by Harold Charles Powell, Last updated September 2018

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# Powell Descendants Time Line Generation Descendent Number
01 William Henry Powell 1829-1895 First 1
02 Lloyd Swartwood Powell 1873-1948 Second 1.1
03 Lee William Powell 1880-1948 Second 1.2
04 Maude Pearl Lucy Powell-Arnts 1883-1953 Second 1.3
05 Charles Henry Powell 1886-1941 Second 1.4
06 Harold James Powell 1898-1966 Third 1.1.1
07 Mildred Annabelle Powell-Graser 1901-1979 Third 1.1.2
08 Anna Elizabeth Powell-Kaake 1910-1965 Third 1.1.3
09 June Arline Arnts-Terrill 1911-1988 Third 1.3.1
10 William Stormont Powell 1913-Unknown Third 1.2.1
11 Jean Harritt Powell-Lederman 1916-2007 Third 1.1.4
12 John Henry Powell 1920-1943 Third 1.1.5
13 James Lee Powell 1924-1944 Third 1.2.2
14 Francis James Powell 1924-2009 Fourth
15 Wanda Helen Powell-Schneider 1926-1980 Fourth
16 JG-H 1926-Living Fourth
17 Thomas Wesley Powell 1927-1974 Fourth
18 Gerald Harold Powell 1928-2006 Fourth
19 Joyce Powell Gillespie-Scheffer 1933-2014 Fourth
20 Beverly Annabelle Kaake-Bosworth 1938-2008 Fourth
21 Penny Lee Powell Unknown Fourth
22 Wanda Sharyn Powell-Smith 1945-Living Fifth
23 Kathryn Eileen Powell-Shepard 1947-Living Fifth
24 Thomas Wesley Powell Jr.-Roberts 1947-Living Fifth
25 Constance Irene Powell-Henderson-Forté 1948-Living Fifth
26 Susan Elaine Powell-Fitzgerald 1948-Living Fifth
27 Gerald Harold Powell Jr. 1949-Living Fifth
28 PH-H 1949-Living Fifth
29 John Henry Powell 1950-Living Fifth
30 RHH Jr. 1950-Living Fifth
31 Nadine Powell 1951-Unknown Fifth
32 James William Powell 1952-2013 Fifth
33 BH 1953-Living Fifth
34 Cheryl Powell 1953-Unknown Fifth
35 Deborah Lynn Powell-Womack 1954-Living Fifth
36 William Wesley Powell 1955-Living Fifth
37 Shelia Powell 1955-Unknown Fifth
38 Lawrence William Schneider 3ed 1957-Living Fifth
39 WDH 1957-Living Fifth
40 Pamela Bosworth-Hollamby Found Fifth
41 Timothy Lee Powell 1957-Living Fifth
42 Nancy Loraine Powell-Rom 1959-Living Fifth
43 Harold Charles Powell 1960-Living Fifth
44 Charles John Powell 1961-Living Fifth
45 Helen Elizabeth Powell-Hartunge 1962-Living Fifth
46 Janine Marie Scheffer-Gould 1964-Living Fifth
47 Kelly Lynn Johnson 1965-Living Sixth
48 Jill Kathleen Scheffer-Grossheim 1967-Living Fifth
49 Amy Beth Johnson-Tyger 1967-Living Sixth
50 Jody Ann Johnson 1970-Living Sixth
51 John Henry Powell Jr. 1971-Living Sixth
52 Tonya Melissa Powell-Penley 1971-Living Sixth
53 Betty Suzann Powell-Catrett 1972-Living Sixth
54 Roxanne Rae Powell-Smith 1973-Living Sixth
55 William Roy Womack 3ed. 1974-Living Sixth
56 Timothy Lee Powell Jr. 1974-Unknown Sixth
57 A Known Male Descendent 1975-Living Sixth
58 Thomas Wesley Powell 1975-Living Sixth
59 Melisa Ann Campbell-Cella 1975-Living Sixth
60 James William Powell Jr. 1975-Living Sixth
61 Jason Francis Powell 1976-Living Sixth
62 Kyle Powell 1976-Unknown Sixth
63 Keith Powell 1976-Unknown Sixth
64 Stuart Wesley Womack 1977-Living Sixth
65 Apryl Danielle Roberts-Cox 1980-Living Sixth
66 Bobby Neal Crocker Jr. 1980-Living Sixth
67 Christopher Travis Roberts 1983-Living Sixth
68 Paul Richard Forté 1985-Living Sixth
69 Angela Marie Crocker 1985-Living Sixth
70 Heather Rachael Lynn Hallberg 1985-Living Seventh
71 Chad Ryan Powell 1988-Living Sixth
72 Lacy Jade Johnson 1988-Living Seventh
73 Emily Kathryn Johnson 1990-Living Seventh
74 A Known Male Descendent 1990-Living Sixth
75 A Known Female Descendent 1990-Living Seventh
76 Samantha Marie Catrett 1991-Living Seventh
77 Tyler Monroe Johnson 1991-Living Seventh
78 Jamie Suzann Catrett 1992-1992 Seventh
79 Kayla Ann O'Neal 1993-Living Seventh
80 Carolyn Nicole Catrett 1994-Living Seventh
81 Joshua Dewayne Smith 1994-Living Seventh
82 A Known Female Descendent 1994-Living Seventh
83 Brittany Michelle Powell 1995-Living Seventh
84 Stephen Earl Gould 1995-Living Sixth
85 Kristina Lynn O'Neal 1995-Living Seventh
86 Kiefer James Johnson 1996-Living Seventh
87 Jacob Tyler Smith 1996-Living Seventh
88 Megan Amber Knight 1997-Living Seventh
89 Eva Marie Gould 1997-Living Sixth
90 Charles Andrew O'Neal Jr. 1999-Living Seventh
91 Steven Daniel Tyger 2000-Living Seventh
92 Danielle Zella Tyger 2000-Living Seventh
93 Caitlyn Avery Futch 2000-Living Seventh
94 Zachary Walton Gould 2001-Living Sixth
95 Stuart Wesley Womack Jr. 2001-Living Seventh
96 Carson Greg Hoffman 2002-Living Seventh
97 A Known Male Descendent 2002-Living Seventh
98 Sarah Elizabeth Gould 2003-Living Sixth
99 Wyatt Roy Womack 2004-Living Seventh
100 Kal Ray Powell 2004-Living Seventh
101 Collin Wesley Powell 2005-Living Seventh
102 Vincent Raburn Womack 2006-Living Seventh
103 Alexis Marie Roberts 2006-Living Seventh
104 Dylan Cole Powell 2007-Living Seventh
105 Shelby Lynn Powell 2007-Living Seventh
106 Joshua Harris Hawthorn 2007-Living Seventh
107 Leanna Rose Diaz 2007-Living Eighth
108 Konrad Ralph Grossheim 2007-Living Sixth
109 Ethan Jacob Powell 2008-Living Seventh
110 Addison Paige Powell 2008-Living Seventh
111 Clara Renee Griffith 2008-Living Seventh
112 Ozzy Diez Jr. 2010-Living Eighth
113 Logan James Powell 2010-Living Seventh
114 Charles Albert Griffith Jr. 2011-Living Seventh
115 Bryce Nicholas Crocker 2011-Living Seventh
116 Jaxson Gerald Womack 2011-Living Seventh
117 Aiden Ramone Diaz 2011-Living Eighth
118 Larissa Marie Catrett 2012-Living Eighth
119 Mackenzie Alison Cella 2012-Living Seventh
120 Wesley William Womack 2012-Living Seventh
121 Malik Joseph Holland 2014-Living Eight
122 Rylan James Crocker 2014-Living Seventh
123 Liam James Powell 2016-Living Seventh
# Powell Descendants Time Line Generation Descendent Number

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